B of Joy

B of Joy (BOJ) is a cooperative fairtrade pro-life bank under construction that will provide yield. From the perspective of a 'Good Stewardship of All Life', based on the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, this bank is managed as a savings- and investment bank. BOJ works, besides the euro, with the URA currency. This URA is used to stimulate local economies.

BOJ is an innovative form of cooperative banking. Here righteous entrepreneurship is the motto. As a consequence no interest whatsoever is charged. Alternatively, BOJ gives a very attractive yield in Financial, Ecological, Emotional and Social terms. (F.E.E.S.)

The URA derives its fixed value from investments in raw materials, natural resources, righteous entrepreneurship and people. With the URA one will be able to make payments in euro's through the internet, mobile phone, debit card and smartcard.

The current inflation of the euro and the steady value of the URA mean that soon significantly less URA's will be subtracted from ones account, when one (for the time being) has to pay in euro's. This joyous abundance will remain as long as the sun shines, the wind blows, water flows and the good intentions of people are widely present in society.

People can become members and start actively participating. If you would like to know more about the BOJ, click here to visit the website. BOJ is a citizens initiative by professionals.