Your contribution is a powerful voice and deed

Since four years, team members of United People Foundation (UPF) have invested in the development of innovative products and services by contributing: Knowledge, skills, hours, work and funds. This last contribution often comes from their own basic income. That isn’t always easy, but the realization of the UPF goals makes a lot good. The development of the B of Joy (BOJ) and it’s cooperative are good examples of that.

Donators can make a financial contribution to help pay for the daily BOJ expenses. BOJ is ready to apply for the necessary banking license when enough funds have been raised. BOJ will soon launch a tour of Holland and its media landscape to create more awareness and support. That will cost extra and make the number of people taking part grow. With more people taking part, the acquisition of an EU-banking license will be faster and simpler to achieve. So please participate!

Administrative steps to become a BOJ Donator

When you don’t have a Dutch bank account and the possibility to pay online via the Dutch iDEAL system, then we invite you to visit the page:

In two easy steps we can help you to become a donator of BOJ. After receiving your personal registration and payment, a confirmation of your donation will be sent to you digitally. Changes in your profile status will be administered by UPF. You will always receive a digital written confirmation of any changes.

Give your voice the power of a referendum

BOJ is of, for and by people. And a civilian initiative of professionals. The 10.000 EMC holders form the critical mass and base support for BOJ. The more EMC holders, the more powerful the change will be. Give your voice the power of a referendum, because we ourselves are the change! Join us and tell others as well. Thanks in advance.