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United People Foundation (UPF) is a non-profit foundation. We develop and promote innovative pro-life products and services that are for the benefit of the community. Together with others, we achieve a solid implementation of our products and services in the community.


The goal of UPF is to contribute to the realization of a 'Good Stewardship of All Life', as is described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). On the 10th of December 1948 the UDHR was signed by 48 United Nations (UN). At the present time 192 countries are members of the UN.


From 1948 until the present time we can see that the goals of UPF are still relevant. A just and honest society doesn’t come easily and will require lots of effort and popular support. Governments want to honor the declaration, but cannot because they are caught in the current economic system. We shall have to achieve these goals ourselves.

Products and services

Click on Inspiration to see what the strength of co-operative unity is. A community of people, for people and by the people. You can read about it in Our Goals about Consumer interests, Social Security, Financial- and Tax system. We can change things if we truly make the choice.


We don’t just develop, advise, promote and implement. We also oversee of the issuance of Member Certificates for co-operatives in the process of being formed like, among others, B of Joy (BOJ). Are you fed up with the current state of affairs? The question is; what contribution will you make for a just society?