Our investments will change the world

United People Foundation (UPF) is committed introducing a fair, efficient, simple, transparent, just and pro-life circular ICT equipment model in which all rights of the New Declaration of Human Rights (NDHR) and Goals of UPF can be realized. We need to take care about life!

In full cooperation with SNEW, we are able to show you the latest developments in the circular ICT equipment model, based in the Netherlands and Belgium. In the future more countries and continents will be involved. For more information about this project, please visit SNEW.

The United People Foundation (UPF) investments in people and businesses largely resonate with our goals. Our Goals are also represented in the collaboration with people and businesses.

Our UPF investments grow in an organic way, similar to the way an allotment grows and produces crops plus yield. Below are examples of initiatives that: 1) inspire us, 2) in which we collaborate, or 3) we invest in ourselves. Soon, more projects will be shown.

For more information about this form of entrepreneurship click ZERI.