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Terms and conditions of The Declaration of Peace

There are no specific terms and conditions available for The Declaration of Peace. Above 18 years old, you are free and welcome to join without specific terms and conditions. Thanks in the name of all the children. They are the future!

Terms and conditions for B of Joy Donor

On the moment there are no specific terms and conditions available for B of Joy Donor. Above 18 years old, you are free and welcome to join without specific terms and conditions. Thanks in the name of all the children. They are the future!

Terms and conditions for B of Joy Supporter

On the moment there are no specific terms and conditions available for B of Joy Supporters. Above 18 years old, you are free and welcome to join without specific terms and conditions. Thanks in the name of all the children. They are the future!

B of Joy Eternal Member Certificates (EMC)

Terms and conditions B of Joy Certificates
©2018 United People Foundation, founding fathers of B of Joy

Article 1.    General
1.   B of Joy, hereafter known as “BOJ”, is a cooperative association (under formation) of United People Foundation. These terms and conditions are applicable to the issuing and delivery of B of Joy Eternal Member Certificates, hereafter known as: “BOJ certificate(s) which are provided by United People Foundation, hereafter known as “UPF”, and a BOJ member, hereafter known as “member”, to which UPF has declared these terms and conditions applicable, as long as any party has not diverged from said terms and conditions specifically and in writing.
2.  The terms and conditions in question are also applicable to agreements with UPF, when the implementation of which requires the involvement of a third party by UPF.
3.   Should one or more clauses in these terms and conditions be at any time fully or partially void or nullified, the remaining clauses within these terms and conditions still fully apply. UPF and member shall in this case deliberate in order to establish new clauses replacing the void or nullified clauses, while aiming to preserve the goal and inclination of the original clauses as far as possible.
4.   Should there be any ambiguity regarding the clarification of one or more clauses within these terms and conditions, the explanation should be sought in the spirit of these clauses.
5.   Should a situation between parties arise which is not addressed in these terms and conditions, the situation should be assessed in the spirit of these terms and conditions.
6.   Should UPF not consistently enforce strict abidance by these terms and conditions, this does not mean that the clauses therein do not apply, or that UPF will in other cases in any way lose the right to require strict abidance by the clauses of these terms and conditions.

Article 2.    Special offers
1.   All UPF special offers are without obligation unless a deadline of acceptance is stated in the special offer. If no deadline of acceptance is stated, no rights can be derived regarding the offer, should the product relating to the special offer no longer be available.
2.   UPF cannot be legally bound to its special offer if the member can reasonably understand that the offer, or part of it, contains an apparent error or misprint.
3.   The price of the noted BOJ certificate(s) are free of VAT and/or other charges, as well as administrative expenses, unless otherwise stated.
4.   UPF special offers in the present do not automatically apply to all future issuance of BOJ certificates.

Article 3.    BOJ certificate and purchasing agreement
1.   BOJ certificate(s) contains within itself a purchasing agreement, hereafter known as the “agreement”. The agreement between UPF and member is entered into for an indefinite period of time.
2.   The  agreement  between  UPF  and  member  entails  that:  a)  member  through  purchase  of  BOJ certificate(s) becomes co-owner of BOJ (under formation) and shall receive the right to one (1) vote, b) UPF, when 10,000 or more members are participating, shall apply for the internet banking license, c) the aim of a) and b) is to establish for an indefinite period the cooperative community bank BOJ (under formation) and thus is the agreement.
3.   De amount of time UPF needs to acquire 10,000 members is unknown at the present time*. From the moment UPF has applied for the internet banking license, BOJ should under normal circumstances be operational within 9 to 12 months. Throughout the whole term of agreement, as described in article 3.2, invested funds remain under the control and supervision of UPF. Withdrawal of funds is not possible in light of the stated internet banking license terms and agreements. *03-05-2018.
4.   Should a period of time be agreed on or noted for the execution of certain tasks or the delivery of certain goods, then this term is never final. In the event of a deadline not being made, the member is required to give UPF written notice of default, whereupon UPF shall be offered a reasonable term within which to honor the agreement.
5.   UPF shall honor the agreement to the best of its knowledge and ability and in accordance with the principles of good workmanship, all based on the current scientific knowledge.
6.   UPF retains the right to have certain work done by a third party. The applicability of articles 7:404, 7:407 part 2 and 7:409 of the civil code of the Netherlands is explicitly excluded.
7.   Member is responsible for the provision of all information which UPF deems essential. Should member provide incorrect and/or incomplete information, UPF retains the right to suspend and/or terminate the agreement and to charge the member for any extra charges incurred through extra (repair) work, in accordance with the customary rate.
8.   UPF shall, having checked all information submitted by member and having received payment from the member, send proof of the in member’s name registered BOJ certificate(s) to member digitally in PDF.
9.   Should it become apparent during the implementation of the agreement that for proper execution it is necessary to alter or add to the agreement, all parties shall promptly and through mutual deliberation adjust the agreement.

Article 4.    Dissolution of the agreement
1.   UPF is authorized to dissolve the agreement, if circumstances prevail, the nature of which dictate that fulfilling the agreement becomes impossible, or if a situation arises where an unchanged upholding of the agreement cannot reasonably be expected of UPF.
2.   If the agreement is dissolved by UPF, the member can reclaim from UPF immediately as long as articles 7.2, 8.1 and 8.2 of the terms and conditions are not applicable. The purchased certificate(s) of €100 (one hundred Euros) or a multiple thereof will be returned to UPF.
3.   After verification of member, and his or her BOJ certificate(s) have been handed in, the total amount, minus 10% per year, will be returned in full. The 10% per year from participation is a contribution of the member to UPF to cover the cost made in fulfillment of the agreement, as described in article 3 -2 of the general terms and conditions.
4.   If UPF proceeds with the suspension or dissolution of the agreement, UPF is in no way bound to the compensation of damage and costs in whatever way occurred.

Article 5.    Payment of BOJ certificates
1.   Payment of BOJ certificate(s) is to be done in advance by the member in Euros. After the member’s registration has been checked and the member’s payment is received, proof of the BOJ certificate(s) registered in member’s name will be sent to member digitally in PDF format.

Article 6.    Right of ownership BOJ certificates
1.   BOJ certificates provided by UPF may not be sold on or used as currency by the member. Member is not authorized to pawn or in any way encumber certificates.
2.   Member is required to safeguard the BOJ certificate(s) in any way that can reasonably be expected Should a third party lay claim to, or attach rights to, or invoke rights to BOJ certificate(s), then member is obliged to immediately inform BOJ of the situation.
3.   Should the member decease, the rightful heirs may return BOJ certificate(s) to UPF and receive the equivalent value in Euros minus the 10% per year cost mentioned in article 4-3.

Article 7.    Liability
1.   Should UPF be liable, liability is limited to the terms of this article.
2.   UPF is not liable for damages of any kind if said damages occurred because of incorrect and/or incomplete data submitted by the member to UPF.
3.   UPF is exclusively liable for direct damage.
4.   Direct damage entails solely the reasonable costs to ascertain the cause and scale of the damage, as far as the ascertaining relates to damages in the sense stated in these terms and conditions, any reasonable costs made to uphold the agreement in the wake of the flawed performance by UPF, in as far as these can be attributed to UPF, and reasonable costs, made to prevent or limit the damage, as far as the member can show that these cost have led to prevention of direct damage as indicated in these terms and conditions. UPF is never liable for indirect damage, including but not limited to consequential damage, loss of revenue, missed savings and damage as a result of (corporate) stagnation.
5.   The limitations to liability included in this article do not apply if the damage is caused intentionally or through gross neglect by UPF or its managing subordinates.

Article 8.    Disclaimer
1.   Member safeguards UPF against any liability from a third party which has suffered damage linked to the fulfillment of the agreement and whereof the cause is attributable to others outside of UPF. Should a claim be made against UPF by a third party, the member is required to support UPF both in legal proceedings and extrajudicial matters and to do all that may be expected of him forthwith.
2.   Should the member fall short in taking adequate measures, then UPF is, without notice of default, authorized to take adequate measures. All costs and damages that occur as a result on UPF and third parties, will be integral for the account and risk of the member.

Article 9.    Intellectual properties
1.   UPF reserves the rights and qualifications that are rightfully theirs based on the copyright law and other intellectual laws. UPF reserves the right to use the knowledge gained in the execution of an agreement for other purposes, as long as no strictly confidential information concerning a member is disclosed to third parties.

Article 10.    Applicable Law and disputes
1.   All legal relations where UPF is a party, shall be governed by Dutch law, even if an agreement is executed wholly or partially abroad, or if a party in the agreement is domiciled abroad.
2.   The judge in the place of business of UPF is by exclusion competent to rule in disputes unless the law demands differently. In any case UPF has the right to submit the dispute to the competent court according to the law.
3.   Parties will only refer the matter to the judge after they have done their utmost best to resolve the dispute by mutual consultation.

Article 11.    Location and change of general terms and conditions
1.   These terms and conditions are registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Roermond in the Netherlands.
2.   Applicable are the latest terms and conditions that are currently registered or the version that was applicable at the time of the establishment of the legal relationship with UPF.
3.   In case of any dispute arising on the interpretation of the general conditions, the Dutch text shall be decisive.