Everything begins with the word. According to article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948 all people have the right to a properly functioning democracy. As a consequence of corruption and other problems we see that many countries still do not have a properly functioning democracy. Politicians are primarily still looking after the interests of a small group of people, banks, and multinationals instead of the voters in general.

Taking account of the amount of legislation bills that have to be handled, and the practical feasibility of the democratic system, we want to see countries introduce a system of referenda in addition to their current representative democracy’s. In this system, when a minimum of 1% of the people make it known, in a petition, that they wish to have a referendum about a subject chosen by them, then this will take place within six months. This empowers people to change laws they do not agree with and to put new legislation bills they find to be important on the agenda.

In addition, we want to see the use of international observers at elections who make sure that the elections are conducted fairly.

It is also our opinion that it should be completely transparent, who is giving donations for election purposes, that companies should not be allowed to donate for election purposes and that there should be a maximum amount each person is allowed to donate. In this way, we give everybody a fair chance to take part in an election, and prevent a small group of people and companies from, de facto, buying the legislation that they would like to see.

In addition to this, we want a public organization to publish on the internet, and keep up to date, the Curriculum Vitae and all ancillary positions that politicians hold next to their public positions for all to see. Also, the agenda for meetings with the relevant documents, and the results of these meetings should be accessible for all to see on the internet.