The 12 points of change

It was through observing people and society that the 12 points of change were formulated. Judging from all the positive reactions received, the 12 points of change appear to appeal to all layers of the (world) population. Therefore, the 12 points have widespread support and validity. For the United People Movement, with the exception of point 11, these are a sort of theoretical exercise. Point 11 will vest the management of money in the society. From then on, we ourselves will determine what happens in our communities.

If people wish, point 11 will be there to support the United People Movement completely where needed. The 12 points of change require, per country, the support of many people. If its people want it to, the United People Movement is able to develop the 12 points for each society worldwide. When doing so, the B of Joy and the United People Foundation principles and starting points will be applied to the architecture of all enterprises from the very start. With the support of the majority of people, we can put the following points into action:

1. The United People Movement as a cooperative and a voice of the people that (partly) determines what happens in a country. Through the right to a binding referendum, as in Switzerland, the citizens will again be the ones to decide what we do. This will eliminate waste and give constructive energy to our society.

2. The United People Movement and the community have supervision over, and give advice to, a dynamic government and cabinet of experts. This cabinet manages and leads the country in a professional manner so that its citizens receive optimal service. This will deliver society F.E.E.S. as return on investment.

3. The United People Movement will be a cooperative enterprise of a social nature. All members have one (1) vote and can enjoy the collective advantages that membership brings. The certificate-holders build equity. The low threshold for investors means that many people can participate.

4. The United People Movement cooperative will, step by step, become the owner of health care, public transport, banking, food supply, education, (green) energy, infrastructure and (rented) housing provisions. All certificate-holders are part-owners and have a say, with one (1) vote.

5. The United People Movement cooperative will form a purchasing collective that will always negotiate the best quality and purchasing price, in whatever area of life, for its members. The purchasing may not be at the cost of any other people or other life forms, but rather must be for mutual benefit.

6. The United People Movement cooperative will provide all members with a conditional supplement to their basic income through the net profit of the enterprise. The tariffs will be determined at the Annual General Meeting. This will provide enormous savings on the cost of social benefits and the corresponding inspectorates.

7. The dynamic governing body will, under the supervision of the community, take strong and just action against all forms of unjust behaviour such as abuse of (social) benefits, corruption, wrongdoing, criminal behaviour, polluting, exploitation and other such violations in a given country.

8. The dynamic governing body will give every citizen a simple ‘community contract’ to provide a framework of personal responsibility. Herein, the right to vote, ethics, rights and responsibilities of each citizen are laid out. Where needed, social organisations will help and support people to abide by the community contract. A Good Stewardship of All Life is the central principle.

9. Through the binding referendum laid down in point 1, all major national, European and global decisions will be taken with approval by the citizens. Those deemed important are all decisions that have a direct effect on the quality of life of more than 33% of all citizens of a country. After the subject to be decided has been published, everybody can vote within one week, either by post or internet.

10. The dynamic governing body will form a multidisciplinary supervisory service. This service will unite and streamline all existing services, so that it can optimally serve honest people and other life forms, in the fields of compassion, order, justice, security, peace, harmony, abundance and safety. In addition, it will yield extra F.E.E.S. in return.

11. B of Joy will introduce the URA as a symbol of value besides the Euro and other currencies. The URA bases its value on investments in raw materials, natural resources, just enterprise, and people. Examples include metals, gems, food stuffs, hydrogen, solar power, hydroelectricity, free energy and innovative people. The URA protects the national capital (including working capital) and oversees its natural growth. The value system will work through our cooperative (internet) bank.

12. The United People Movement will strive for the maximum relief of burdens (including tax burdens) for everybody by abolishing unnecessary rules, inspectorates and taxes. Income tax can be abolished and replaced by a 10% transaction tax. The reduction of (tax) burdens, the resulting reduction of costs and the 12 points of change will achieve a natural growth for all members of society. Join us!

The 12 points of change can be downloaded as a PDF here. NOTE: This document will be made available a.s.a.p.

The above 12 points of change can achieve unimaginable change - a kind of positive change that we have never seen on such a global scale in history. It is (partly) in your hands to write this new history, as a wish and endorsement of change.

If the 12 points inspire you, then shoulder your responsibility. Make the changes happen by undertaking your own acts, however modest. You, yourself, represent the change - for your own future and those of your partner, family, friends, children, grandchildren and for generations to come.

If we don’t drastically change our choices and if we keep taking a passive view of everything that is happening, then the suffering and misery incurred will be unbelievable. Do you want to let this happen? Just think about it and look around you. It has to stop. Now. We wish you all the best in making your choices.