Financial system

United People Foundation (UPF) is committed to introducing a fair, efficient, simple, transparent, just and pro-life financial system in which all the rights described in the New Declaration of Human Rights (NDHR) and the goals of UPF can be achieved.

An additional objective of UPF towards providing for the basic rights of the NDHR is that of containing the problems of interest, inflation and speculation. UPF will contribute, by means of such activities as the creation of cooperative organizations, to empowering people to help create the new financial system themselves.

For this purpose, the first cooperative (B of Joy) will be set up in the Netherlands and from there it will be rolled out worldwide. People can then become members and start actively participating. For more information, please click here.

B of Joy is a grassroots citizens' initiative by professionals and is also a cooperative fairtrade pro-life bank in formation. It's one hundred percent of, by and for the people!