UPF will achieve its goals by:

  • Integrating a just, efficient, easy to grasp, and transparent financial system, that will achieve the intent of the New Declaration of Human Rights (NDHR) and the United People Foundation (UPF);
  • Establishing cooperative associations, and other organisations, that will pursue the goals of the NDHR and the UPF and make them a reality;
  • Establishing an independent organisation that will highlight consumer interests and that will make apparent which goods and services are produced sustainably in a socially responsible manner, and that supports the matching of supply to demand, in all countries where the UPF operates;
  • Ensuring that all UPF-affiliated organisations act in accordance with the role they have been assigned;
  • Promoting the introduction of an efficient, easy to understand, transparent, and fair tax system that will fund the goals, and liberties, which the UPF and the NDHR stand for;
  • Promoting the streamlining of a well-functioning democratic society, including by implementing the right to initiate referenda. This will ensure that the people themselves are able to nullify, repeal, overturn, amend, and/or enact statutes;
  • Performing all further actions which in the broadest sense are germane or conducive to any of the abovementioned undertakings, including by making donations to institutions that both promote and support the vision of the UPF.