Our resources

United People Foundation (UPF) has the following resources at its disposal:

  • Monies received from legacies, sponsorship, subsidies or donations;
  • Monies we raise from our activities;
  • Fees collected for issuance of membership, and membership (and other) certification, for our own cooperatives and other legal entities;
  • The income on our capital;
  • Any other windfalls.

UPF will spend all its resources on achieving its objective.

What are we going to choose?
If you imagine the world of tomorrow, what do you want it to look like?

  • Fossil fuels or wind- and solar power?
  • Poverty and wretched working conditions across large swathes of the globe, or a world filled with prosperous small businesses and employees?
  • A world of “everyone for himself” or good healthcare, pleasant homes and quality education for all?
  • Shortages of raw materials and massive rubbish piles, or recycling and a clean natural environment?

UPF and the members of its organisation(s) opt for the latter option in each case. To achieve that kind of world, we have to make choices right now: to invest in industries that contribute to a sustainable future world, and not in sectors that will not accomplish that aim.