United People Cooperatives

Unity in diversity will make the difference

The realisation of an Good Stewardship of All Life, based upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), is the goal of United People. The name stands for:

  • Unity in diversity;
  • Of, for and by people;
  • Cooperative creation and collaboration.

The goal of United People (UP) will be realised by setting up cooperatives, that will each have their own specific role and purpose. Seen globally, cooperatives are the best form of undertaking for people and society. The United Nations had in the year 2012, for good reason, promoted cooperatives by calling 2012 the International Year of the Cooperative. It is our unity in diversity that will make the difference.

The realisation of the B of Joy cooperative as a fairtrade pro-life bank is crucial for all the other UP cooperatives, because it’s the financial system that has the most impact on all aspects of our lives. It is imperative that communities gain control of the money circulating. With their own bank most people will once again have their future in their own hands. Money and the bank will be of service and benefit to everybody.

The 12 points of change, investment programmes and all the pages under Goals, show what’s possible. As unity in diversity (almost) any change we wish is possible. Our worlds demise will not be caused by bad people, but from good people doing nothing. The only question remaining is: Do we accept the challenge? For ourselves, our loved ones and our (grand)children. Will you join us? We are the change we like to see in this world.