Unity in Diversity will make it happen

Achieving a Good Stewardship of All Life, based on the New Declaration of Human Rights (NDHR), is the goal of United People. The name stands for:

  • Unity in diversity;
  • Of, by and for the people;
  • Creating by working (together) cooperatively.

United People (UP) will achieve its goal by forming cooperatives, which each have their specific role and function. Globally, we see that cooperatives are the best form of entrepreneurship for people and their society. Not for nothing did the United Nations promote 2012 as the Year of Cooperatives. It is our unity in diversity that will make it happen.

Setting up the B of Joy cooperative as a bank is crucial to all other UP cooperatives, because the financial system has a great impact on all aspects of our lives. Any society needs to have control over its own funds. With a self-owned bank, the people will have matters back in their own hands. The funds and the bank will be in service to every participant.

The 12 Points of Change, the Investment program and all the pages under Movement goals show what is possible. If unity is created through diversity, then (almost) anything is possible. Our world is falling apart not because of bad people, but because the good people don’t act to counteract them. The question that remains is: Are we going to take on the challenge? For ourselves, our loved ones, our children and our grandchildren? Will you join us?