The vacancies for volunteers

Because of the expansion of all the B of Joy and United People Foundation activities we still have places in the different teams for people who are willing to contribute for a minimum of 5 hours a week. With the following qualifications you are very welcome:

  • Professional writers, for the production and editing of short, clear texts;
  • Marketing/advertising, promotion of products and producing flyers and brochures;
  • Translators from- and to, English, German, French and Spanish to/from Dutch;
  • Networkers for membership- and fundraising for the benefit of our investment programs;
  • Bloggers, for the tongue -in- cheek maintenance of our social media page’s;
  • Lawyers that feel at home in (international) financial- and banking systems;
  • (Former) bankers that see that a Good Stewardship of All Life is of paramount importance;

Are you interested? Please fill in the contact form and tell us about your strengths, interests and what makes you enthusiastic, so we can asses where and when your skills can be applied. As soon as the initiative you contribute to yields income, the possibility arises (in consultation with you) to convert your voluntary work into a paid job. Click here to sign up via Contact.