Eternal Member Certificates

A liberating collective funding

United People Foundation (UPF) stands for the Unity in Diversity of people. It issues Eternal Member Certificates, exclusively for its own cooperatives, for those already existing and those in the process of formation. These member certificates form a participation in the collective equity of the cooperatives with attractive conditions. Through these certificates a collective funding is created for working capital and resources, which can be invested to achieve the UPF goals.

'A Good Stewardship of All Life' is the core value of UPF and it is based on the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. We see a world of abundance and peace. Waste, injustice, poison, war and poverty belong in the museum. Right now, the UPF focus is on the implementation of a simple, pure, efficient, just, transparent and pro-life financial system.

Eternal Member Certificates

Eternal Member Certificates (EMC’s) are numbered, issued on name, are your life-long property and are transferable only to your rightful heirs. You can purchase one or more EMC’s, optional up to a maximum that is determined by the internal regulations, as part of the total equity of the cooperative. Yearly, in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the cooperative, the members will determine what the yield is on the EMC’s that can be paid. To take part in the AGM you should also be a regular member of the cooperative. Depending on the type of cooperative, there will be a small yearly membership fee. EMC holders always have just one vote in the cooperative, however many member certificates one has in one’s possession.

Participate in a new financial system

From now on, you can participate by purchasing one or more EMC’s of B of Joy (BOJ). With a contribution of 100 euro or more you make a change in the world possible. This contribution is a very important step in the process of the license application. Because when there are 10.000 EMC holders, an EU banking permit will be applied for. After approval of the application, and all the conditions are met, the banking permit will be obligatory granted. After that, BOJ will be operational as a bank.

To purchase EMC’s you have to be 18 or older. The contributions are administered through UPF, that administers all BOJ affairs. For UPF it’s important to have at least 10.000 certificate holders for the start of the bank. That will form a critical mass and a broad support base. The more certificate holders, the more powerful the changes will be.

Administrative steps to become an BOJ EMC holder

When you don’t have a Dutch bank account and the possibility to pay online via the Dutch iDEAL system, then we invite you to visit the page:

In two easy steps we can help you to become an EMC holder of BOJ. After receiving your personal registration and payment, a proof of the named EMC will be sent to you digitally. Changes in your profile status or of the number of EMC’s you own are administered by UPF. You will always receive a digital written confirmation of any changes.

Give your voice the power of a referendum

As a product of UPF, BOJ is: of, for and by people. And a civilian initiative of professionals. The 10.000 EMC holders form the critical mass and base support for BOJ. The more EMC holders, the more powerful the change will be. Give your voice the power of a referendum, because we ourselves are the change! Join us and tell others as well. Thanks in advance.