Give it the strength of a powerful referendum

The donators contribute towards the costs that the United People Foundation (UPF) team makes for the realization of innovative financial products and services. Supporters contribute only to previously formulated B of Joy (BOJ) Goals. This is why we are placing the following call:

Become an supporter of BOJ. With a contribution of 25 euro or more you will make a change in the current banking landscape possible. This support is a very important step in the process of the license application. As soon as there are 60.000 supporters, the EU banking permit will be applied for. After approval of the application, and all the conditions are met, the banking permit will be issued within the obligatory 6 months. After that, BOJ will be operational.

Through the contribution you are also, if you so wish, for the first year a member of BOJ cooperative that is being set up. The contributions go through UPF, that administrates all BOJ affairs. And don’t forget this: your contribution is, just as in any citizens initiative, a voice that speaks out. So take part and tell others about it. Give it the strength of a powerful referendum. We thank you in advance and wish you a heartfelt welcome to your own BOJ.

Administrative steps to become a BOJ Supporter

When you don’t have a Dutch bank account and the possibility to pay online via the Dutch iDEAL system, then we invite you to visit the page:

In two easy steps we can help you to become a supporter of BOJ. After receiving your personal registration and payment, a confirmation of your support will be sent to you digitally. Changes in your profile status will be administered by UPF. You will always receive a digital written confirmation of any changes.