Irreversible transitions are possible

'A Good Stewardship of All Life' is the core value of United People Foundation (UPF) and it’s based on the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. We see a world of abundance and peace. Waste, injustice, poison, war and poverty belong in the museum. Right now, the UPF focus is on the implementation of a simple, pure, efficient, just, transparent pro-life financial system.

B of Joy (BOJ) is a cooperative fairtrade bank in formation and will introduce the fixed value currency URA. BOJ and the URA will make irreversible transitions possible. This BOJ product is exclusively of service to society. So we ask for support and collaboration from society itself. In this way the products and services are most optimally tuned to the needs of the community.

UPF is a citizens’ initiative of professionals. UPF is of, for and by the people. Feel free to take part in the execution and realization of our products and services.

Because your contribution gives us extra strength, creates broad support and makes the realization of our goals possible. Your contribution of knowledge, skills, hours, work, and/or funding mean that UPF also belongs to you. When enough people participate all of the envisaged transitions will become irreversible. The choice is yours.

Below you will see the six different ways of supporting and/or collaborating with us:

  1. Register as a Volunteer;
  2. Register as a Donator;
  3. Register as a Supporter;
  4. Register for BOJ Eternal Member Certificates;
  5. Apply for a Bail-free account for amounts above 100.000 euro;
  6. Apply for the purchase of BOJ Participations of 100.000 euro or more.

If you would like to invest in BOJ via choice number 6, please contact us.

To find out more about the above mentioned six application/registration possibilities just click on the applicable link.